Conecuh Baptist Association
Monday, September 16, 2019

Our Churches


There are twenty-five active Southern Baptist churches located throughout Conecuh County, which means that if you reside in Conecuh County, there is a Southern Baptist church near you.  Any of our churches would welcome you and your family to come and worship with them. 

Arkadelphia Baptist Church, Evergreen, Alabama
Pastor:  Rev. Rueben Grimes - Location:  6396 Loree Road in Evergreen (County Road 20, west of Evergreen, AL)

Belleville Baptist Church, Belleville, Alabama
Pastor: Rev. Richard Oswald - Location: County Road 15 approximately .3 miles north of Hwy. 84 in Belleville, AL

Bermuda Baptist Church, Bermuda, Alabama
Pastor: Rev. Tommy Lowrey - Location: Intersection of County Road 20 and County Road 5, in Bermuda, AL

Bower Memorial Baptist Church, Evergreen, Alabama
Pastor: Rev. Neal Butler  - Location:  301 Western By-pass/Wild Avenue, Evergreen, AL

Brooklyn Baptist Church, Brooklyn, Alabama
:  Rev. Jack Williamson - Location: County Road 6 approximately .4 miles west of County Road 42, in Brooklyn, AL

Castleberry Baptist Church, Castleberry, Alabama
Pastor: Rev. James Brown   - Location:  corner of US Hwy 31 & County Road 6, in Castleberry, AL 

Cedar Creek Baptist Church, Castleberry, Alabama
  Rev. Casey Jones - Location:  County Road 6, approximately 6.2 miles east of of Hwy. 31in Castleberry, AL

Evergreen Baptist Church, Evergreen, Alabama
  Rev. Mark Whittington - Location:  107 Park St., Evergreen, AL 36401

Holly Grove Baptist Church, Evergreen, Alabama
  Rev. Hughie Denton, interim - Location:  4.7 miles north of Exit 96 off I-65 on State Hwy 83

Jones Chapel Baptist Church, Flat Rock, Alabama
  Vacant - Location:  on Jones Chapel Road off of County Road 26, Flat Rock, AL 

Lenox Baptist Church, Lenox, Alabama
  Currently without a pastor - Location: at the intersection of County Road 6 and County Road 7 in Lenox, AL 

London Baptist Church, London Community, Alabama  
Pastor: Dr. Larry Patterson, interim  - Location:  on County Road 6 approximatley 3.7 miles east of Exit 83 off of I-65

Long Branch Baptist Church, Cohasset, Alabama
  Bro. Winston Foshee - Location:  on Long Branch Church Road in Cohassett, AL, 1.8 miles east of the Sepulga River on Hwy. 84

Lyeffion Baptist Church, Lyeffion, Alabama
  Rev. Larry Johnson  - Location:  approx.  8 miles north of Exit 96 off I-65 on State Hwy 83 in Lyeffion, AL

Midway Baptist Church, Midway, Alabama
Pastor:   Vacant - Location:  at the intersection of State Hwy 83 and State Hwy 47 in Midway, AL

New Home Baptist Church, Conecuh County, Alabama
  Rev. Clifton Morris - Location:  on County Road 47, 3.5 miles south of State Highway 55, south of McKenzie, AL

New Hopewell Baptist Church, Appleton, Alabama
Rev. James Aubrey Wilson - Location:  From County Road 6 turn south on County Road 49 (Appleton Road), Travel approximately 2.8 miles and turn right on Janes Mill Road (dirt). Travel approximately 2.2 miles and the church is on your left.  

New Providence Baptist Church, Paul, Alabama
  Rev. Ken Mancill    - Location: New Providence Church Lane south of County Road 43 in Paul, AL

Oak Grove Baptist Church, Conecuh County, Alabama
  Rev. Edward Robinson - Location:  on Hwy 84 10.9 miles west of Exit 93 off of I-65 between Belleville and Repton, AL

Old Town Baptist Church, Evergreen, Alabama 
  Vacant - Location: on Hwy 84, 1.4 miles east of the jct. of State Hwy 31 and Hwy 84 east of Evergreen, AL

Olive Branch Baptist Church, Owassa, Alabama
Rev. Herbert Brown   - Location:  .7 mi. east of  I-65 at the Owassa exit (Exit 101)

Repton Baptist Church, Repton, Alabama
  Rev. John Conn - Location:  Martin St., Repton, AL 

Sepulga Baptist Church, Conecuh County, Alabama
  Rev. John Finklea - Location:  County Road 43, 3 miles south of Hwy. 84

Skinnerton Baptist Church, Skinnerton, Alabama
Meets on a periodic basis but normally the last Sunday of the month. Watch local papers for time.

Sweet Home Baptist Church, McKenzie, Alabama
  Rev. Allen Joyner - Location:  County Road 107, .5 mi. south of AL. Hwy. 55 near McKenzie, AL